Monday, 21 July 2014


From left to right - Ben Nye mocha rose lipstick & Revlon colorburst Sunbaked lipgloss

Hey there! As most of you might know, I love love love nude lips.A nude lip is hands down my daily go-to colour. As I have so many nude lip products in my collection; I try and switch it up as often as I can. I'm the type that sticks to what she likes, so as soon as I discover an amazing lipstick, I could wear it for a whole year and ignore everything else. Not good! So I try and mix it up a bit. I started using this revlon colorburst lip gloss last week and I am loving it. These 2 products give a slightly deep nude; so this combo might not be the best for those with fair skin, but it will work a treat on women of colour or if you ever get a tan. Both the lipstick and gloss are quite pigmented; I only swatched each product once in the picture above and as you see; great colour pay off. Also, this combination lasts for about 2 - 3 hours on me. I eat a lot, so most lip products don't last that long on my lips lol.

What is your favourite go to lip colour? Would love to know!

Thursday, 17 July 2014


From left to right - FLIRT, LADY IN RED, CRAZY IN LOVE

Hey lovelies, it's official that I have a new obsession and they are these lovely liquid lipsticks from Australian brand CHI CHI cosmetics. I initially heard about this brand from one of shaaanxo's videos and I was eager to test them out. It's safe to say these are PIGMENTED. One swipe is all you need and sometimes that could even be too much if you are going for a slightly sheer look. My favourite from the bunch is FLIRT. I love how I can layer this shade with any of my nude glosses and get the most amazing pouty nude lips. The slightly thick consistency means they last quite long on the lips; 2 to 3 hours on average depending on what you have to eat or drink. I also like size of the doe foot applicator, not too small but big enough to cut down on application time. If you can get your hands on these, I would say go for it.

                                                 CHI CHI creamy matte liquid lipsticks

Wednesday, 16 July 2014


From left to right - Milani Teddy Bare 29, L'oreal Taffeta 233, Ben Nye Mocha Rose, Rimmel kate 08, Wet n Wild bare it all E902C

I am a HUGE fan of nude lipsticks. I tend to wear a nude lip on a daily basis and don't really reach for my pink lippies as much. These 5 are my current favourites and I love how creamy and moisturising they all are; with the exception of the Wet n wild Bare it all. This particular lipstick is very matte and pigmented but not that drying to that's a plus. Also, did I mention how affordable they all are?
I have been told by a few women of colour that they find it difficult to choose a suitable nude lipstick for their skin tone; these 5 are a great pick and also, I find lining my lips with a dark brown lipliner is the perfect way to get any lipstick to work on your skin tone. Please don't opt for a light nude lipstick without a brown lip liner, I'M BEGGING YOU lol.

Both the Milani Teddy Bare and Wet n wild Bare it all are mainly sold in the states, but you can easily buy them from online outlets and ebay sellers.

Sunday, 13 July 2014


From left to right - MAC Diva,  MAC fast play and MAC Ruby woo

Hi my name is Sandra Aji and I am a lipstick addict. This is an addiction I'm not looking to cure anytime soon lol. Due to my large number of lipsticks, I always find myself neglecting A LOT of them as there are just so many to choose from. However, these 3 lipsticks have been getting a lot of love from me lately. MAC Diva is a matte deeply pigmented reddish purple. I love how vampy it looks on my lips without looking too over the top; also this is a matte that's not too drying unlike the MAC Ruby woo. Talking of Ruby woo; this is my all time favourite red. I have other red lipsticks but I hardly ever use them as I don't think they look as good on me as Ruby woo does. Only downside to this lipstick is it's very drying on the lips, so be sure to apply some lip balm beforehand to avoid the crustified look (so not cute). Also, last but not the least is MAC Fast play lipstick; a pinkish nude. I absolutely love nude lippies and Fast play is one nude that will surely suit every skin tone. Did I mention how creamy and moisturising it is? I line my lips with a brown lip liner with all my nudes. What are YOUR favourite MAC lipsticks? Would love to know.